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To bring out the best in players and teams, a coach needs to develop many more aspects than just the technical skills of their athletes. Individual performance psychology, skill acquisition, mental toughness, team dynamics and leadership development are equally important as technical improvement for producing winning teams and successful players. 

​Drawing on over 25 years experience as an elite player and high performance Level 4 coach, I can enhance your coaching effectiveness by supporting and guiding you on topics such as:- 

  • Individual difference and skill acquisition
  • Evolving a coaching philosophy
  • Psychological profiling and mindset development  
  • Feedback, team talks, and communication
  • Talent I.D and maturation rates
  • Thresholds, differentiators, and the role of genetics
  • Values, visions, and team culture
  • Leadership and management
  • Winning after winning
  • …and much more!

Top-class coaching can and should be delivered in all environments, not just elite settings. Therefore, regardless of which sport you're in, or whether you coach your child’s U9s team or a group of professional athletes, my coach education and mentoring service can help you to develop successful players and winning teams.

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